Welcome to Pottawattamie County, Iowa 


Pottawattamie County is unique in Iowa in that it has two Conservation Districts.... and boy are we excited about it...


East Pottawattamie

Soil & Water Conservation District

321 Oakland Ave.

Oakland, Iowa 51560

712-482-6408 ext.3

NEW Fax 1-855-233-1297


West Pottawattamie

Soil & Water Conservation District

305 McKenzie Ave.

Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503-1017

712-328-2489 ext.3

NEW Fax 1-855-233-1297

The Buzz

The Buzz is a quarterly newsletter containing information on activities related to the Neola– Henschal Creeks Watershed Improvement Project Grant.



Westpottawattamie Swcd

Eastpottawattamie Swcd


Division of Soil Conservation

Introduction to the Division of Soil Conservation and Water Quality

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