JULY 2015

Haney soil test results are here!

Click the links below to see results from both East Pott. County and Shelby County SWCD. 

East Pott. SWCD Haney 2015  

Sample 1: no-till

Sample 2: conventional tillage

Sample 3: no-till with cover crop

Shelby SWCD Haney 2015

Sample 1: conventional tillage

Sample 2: no-till

Sample 3: no-till with cover crop

Additional information regarding Haney Soil Tests can be found online at www.wardlab.com  (click soil health, haney soil health, haney information)

Questions? Contact East Pott. SWCD, Todd Perdew NRCS, office 712-482-6408

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Clean Water Iowa -- Water Quality Initiative

Funds are Available for Water Quality Practices


Cost-Share Rule Changes

 Starting in the Spring of 2014, there are some changes to how we handle our cost-share funds. In the past we have been able to keep appilications or jobs in the system as approved for funding for up to 18 months. We now have only 12 monthe an application can be entered into the system and completed. In other words, if for some reason weather, contractor, or NRCS survey, you could not get yourprojecct done it must be completed by the next construction season or funding will be lost on that job. Contractors will be made aware of an expiration date of each job. 

We can enter jobs to show the need for funds but cannot approve until after the money is there. The state runs on a July 1 to June 30, fiscal year. Our state funds for the entire year are allocated the first week. The best way to handle this is to come into the office and have an estimate done on the work you would like to do or a field visit if not sure what to do. Then we will both know the extent and funds needed to do your particular job and it can be planned accordingly. 

Please contact our office if you are thinking of doing any projects in which cost-share funds could be used. The number is (712) 482-6408 and office hours are 8:00 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. 


Cover Crops Iowa Job Sheet    

NRCS Cover Crop Terminatin Guidlines Non-Irrigated Cropland

Cover Crops: A Guide for Iowa Producers


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