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Coordinate available technical, financial and educational resources, whatever their source, to meet the needs of the local land user.

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» Protect and conserve natural resources.


» Educate and inform the public about natrual resources issues and best management practices.


» Assist in land management decisions to protect soil & water resources.


What Does the IA Department of Ag & Land Stewardship Do?

The approximately 335 employees of the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship are responsible for a wide range of programs that affect the quality of life of every Iowan.  Both Iowans living on the farm and those in our towns and cities are impacted almost daily by the work of the Department.


Land stewardship is central to the work of the Department.  The Division of Soil Conservation and Water Quality provides farmers with expertise and funds to help them install practices that preserve our highly productive soil, prevent erosion and protect our critical waterways.  The Department is focused on making sure future Iowans can experience the same high quality of life that past generations have enjoyed in our state.


The Consumer Protection & Industry Services Division and the Food Safety & Animal Health Division are responsible for a wide variety of consumer protection and agriculture promotion programs  including regulating meat processing , commercial feed and fertilizer, pesticide application , and dairy production and processing.  The Weights and Measures Bureau makes sure both buyers and sellers are treated fairly at the gas pump, grocery store or grain elevator.


The State Climatologist , Entomologist, and Veterinarian are also all part of the Department.  Other areas of responsibility for the Department include Agriculture Statistics, Homeland Security and the Iowa Horse and Dog Breeding Program.


The Department helps promote the more than 170 farmers markets located across the state and administers the Farmers Market Nutrition Program for seniors and residents participating in the WIC program. It also is very involved in agricultural diversification and organic production.


The Century and Heritage Farm program, which recognizes farms that have been in the same family for 100 or 150 years respectively, is also run in partnership between the Department and Iowa Farm Bureau.


In all of these areas, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship’s mission is to provide leadership for all aspects of agriculture in Iowa, ensure consumer protection and promote the responsible use of our natural resources.





How Conservation Districts Work

Conservation Districts in Iowa are managed by five commissioners elected on the general ballot in each county. Each of the five commissioners serve four-year terms and only one commissioner may reside in any single township. With assistance from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship-Division of Soil Conservation and Water Quality, commissioners address the natural resource issues that are most critical in their districts.


Conservation Districts' Role

Soil and water conservation districts are legal subdivisions of state government. Commissioners are responsible for carrying out state laws and programs within district boundaries. These include:

             •sediment control law

             •conservation cost-sharing

             •conservation revolving loan funds

             •water quality protection projects

            •resource enhancement and protection

Districts also play a key role in carrying out federal programs including, but not limited to:

            •the Conservation Reserve Program

            •the Environmental Quality Incentives Program

            •Conservation Compliance

            •the Wetlands Reserve Program

            •conservation planning

Districts serve as local sponsors for watershed projects, resource conservation and development areas, and soil surveys as well.

Soil and Water Conservation District Core Partnerships

              Iowa Department of Ag and Land Stewardship - Division of Soil Conservation and Water Quality

              Find other Soil and Water Conservation Districts

              Iowa - Natural Resources Conservation Service

              Conservation Districts of Iowa

              Iowa Soil & Water Conservation Society

              Iowa Department of Natural Resources

              National Association of Conservation Districts

              National Watershed Coalition

              Iowa State Extension

Elected Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioners   4-year term, expiring as noted.

Brian Leaders - Neola Township - Term Expires: January 02, 2017
Allan Tiarks - Hardin Township - Term: Expires January 2, 2015
David Dittmer - Minden Township - Term Expires Jan. 02, 2017
Gary Larson - Hazel Dell Township - Term Expires: January 02, 2017

David Dittmer, Co-Treasurer

Minden Township

term ends 01/02/17

Brian Leaders, Vice-Chair

Neola Township

term ends 01/02/17

Chad Hannan, Co-Treasurer

Garner Township

term ends 01/02/19

Allan Tiarks, Chair

Hardin Township

term ends 01/02/19

 Gary Larson

Hazel Dell Township

term ends 01/02/17

2016 Appointed Soil and Water Conservation District Assistant Commissioners 1-year term expiring on Dec. 31





John Hurd - Garner Township
Nancy Gregory, Boomer Township
Linda Durick - Garner Township

 John Hurd

Garner Township

Don Dilts

Hazel Dell Township

 Mary Nixon

Boomer Township

Nancy Gregory

Boomer Township

 Linda Durick

Garner Township

USDA Service Center Staff

Kevin Seevers, West Pottawattamie SWCD

Kevin Seevers, Project Coordinator

West Pottawattamie Soil & Watern Conservation District

Dale DuVal - USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Serivce. Serving since 1987

Dale DuVal

District Conservationist


Many levels of Government can work together!

Brett Bengard, Technician

IDALS - Division of Soil Conservation & Water Quality  

Brett Bengard - Iowa Department of Ag & Land Stewardship, Div of Soil Conservation. Serving since 1988.


Soil Conservationist


Tracy Bruun - Iowa Dept of Ag and Land Stewardship, Division of Soil Conservation - Serving since 1997
Tom Bottoms - USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service.  Serving since 1988.

Tom Bottoms



Tracy Bruun, Conservation Assistant

IDALS - Division of Soil Conservation & Water Quality  


Matt Allen, USDA-Natural Recources Conservation Service. Serving since 2013 (2008)

An Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider